SonicAire 2.0 dust control fans

SonicAire Fans – the solution for reducing combustible dust build up in the workplace or plant.

Dust from industrial processes can become the fuel for devastating explosions.

Every year deadly industrial fires are attributed to the build up of combustible dust and lint.

For years we have provided Class I, Division 1 SonicAire Fans for our customers and now we can take it even a step further to serve facilities with Class II, Division 2 environments.

The new SA-XD2 fan from SonicAire is designed for Class II, Division 2 environments that have severe amounts of combustible materials present and it is UL certified as well.

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It’s perfect for the Food and Grain industries as well as Petroleum, Wood Manufacturing and Plastics to name a few.

If your facility handles combustible dusts and hazardous materials on a daily basis, then you understand just how much the SA XD2 SonicAire fan will improve the safety and functionality of your plant.

Most organic dusts and some metallic dusts are combustible under the following conditions:

  • Dust is suspended into a cloud in sufficient quantity
  • The dust cloud is confined
  • An oxidant is present such as air and an ignition source is present in the area

A company must determine how to reduce their explosive dust risk to an acceptable level. Installation of proper equipment, proper maintenance of the equipment and implementation of effective administrative and cleaning controls are essential to manage the problem of combustible dust and meet government regulations set by OSHA and NFPA. Many times these procedures are not enough or are far too costly to implement. That is when an engineering solution such as SonicAire cleaning fans becomes the perfect solution.

Energy Solutions of Texas Partners with SonicAire (formerly Integrated Environmental Solutions)

Energy Solutions of Texas is now working alongside SoincAire to bring our customers the full range of SonicAire Cleaning Fans. We are the only certified vendor of these BarrierAire™ fans in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Missouri. Turn-key installation services is available in all 50 states for these dust control and dust suppression fans.

SonicAire dust control fans clean by using high velocity airflow and robotic motion control to prevent dangerous, combustible dust particles from building up throughout the workplace or plant. Everything (structural supports, pipes, ducts, process equipment etc.) within your plant can be cleaned to meet or exceed government regulations in any state.

SonicAire fans can be easily installed in any plant or industrial application. The SonicAire fans give a full range of clean. It has a top to bottom cleaning range from 0° to 140°, with a full 360° oscillation at the same time. Below is the basic technical information you need to start determining if this solution will work for you. Call us at ESOTX (877-434-4363) for availability and more information.

Check out the videos below to learn even more, or download this brochure in PDF format.

SonicAire Fans and their BarrierAire Technology Explained.

SonicAire 2.0 Fan Features.

Clean Fan Technology In Action!

Examples of hazardous combustible dust buildup

Dust collecting on hot light fixture.
HThe result of smoldering dust on a light fixture.

The Family of SonicAire Cleaning Fans

SonicAire ® 2.0

Controlled clean for heavier combustible dust.

With wood and paper processing, keeping your plant clean from fugitive dust is more challenging. The particle sizes vary dramatically: they can be heavier or drier, more fibrous or even moister. With this complex array of conditions, how can your plant comply with OSHA regulations and consistently achieve the highest levels of clean?

SonicAire has designed their new SonicAire 2.0 fan to do just that. The new SonicAire 2.0 is a powerful performer, able to prevent this heavier dust from accumulating on all overhead structures. It cleans using our proprietary BarrierAire™ technology system, directing high velocity and mass airflow via customized robotic engineering. The SonicAire 2.0 is proven to give wood and paper processors a level of clean never achieved before.

SonicAire 2.0 delivers more than twice the cleaning area of the original SonicAire fan. Installation costs are dramatically reduced because fewer fans are needed for an enterprise-wide solution.

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 208, 230, 380, 415, 460, 575, 3 Phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Motor: 2 HP TEAO Fan
Weight: 200 lbs./90 kg
Oscillation: 140° vertical cleaning radius
Rotation: 360°

SonicAire 1.c

SonicAire ® 1.c

Get rid of combustible dust in cramped spaces.

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