Whether you are looking to efficiently light a warehouse, a fatory, a school, a medical facility or retail space, you can save energy by replacing your current lighting with new LED or linear fluorescent lighting.


ESOT has lighting solutions for every application:

  • Factory, warehouse
  • Offices, retail
  • Schools, churches, public buildings
  • Outdoor lighting; parking lots, architectural, security
  • High ceiling applications
  • Task lighting
  • Enclosed fixtures for challenging environments
  • Enclosed fixtures for food service
  • Freezer fixtures
  • Canopy fixtures
  • Controls, system integration
  • Zero input light pipes

We now carry the HHSL1 line of LED high bay lights which is an innovative LED high bay for new construction or retrofit. The low profile design offers energy savings, low maintenance, and control options for low or high bay settings in industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Additional options and configurations available. US shipping allowed, quantity discounts of (50) or more available.

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Benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for Interior and Exterior Applications


LED luminaires can last up to 10 times longer than T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps and up 90% longer than typical incandescent lamps. Also, LED lighting can save up to 80% versus standard HID/HPS lighting.


LED’s may require a larger upfront investment, but they require less maintenance, provide longer life, consume less electricity and can generate ROI’s below two years. In addition, LED’s produce less heat than traditional HID/HPS lamps, saving cooling costs and reducing fire risks.


LED lights are not broken as easily as traditional glass lamps and because LED lights are solid state construction they are able to withstand more bumping and jarring thus eliminating spark and potential ignition sources.


LED’s require very little power, reducing load on the existing facility panels and potentially eliminating the need to upgrade a “maxed-out” electrical system.


Unlike CFLs, HID/HPS, T5’s and T8’s there is very little or no mercury used in the making of LEDs. This makes LEDs safer for disposal and the environment.

Benefits of Fluorescent Lighting


Fluorescent lamps can be used as overhead lighting in gymnasiums, schools, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, retail shopping centers, exterior and many other commercial settings.


T5 and T8 Fluorescent lighting is less expensive to operate than traditional T12 or HID/HPS fixtures because they operate much more efficiently and run at a much cooler temperatures. Because of this they have to be replaced less frequently and they are safer to use. With fluorescent lightings you can reduce cooling cost, lower electrical costs by as much as 70% and generate ROI’s as low as six months.


Replacing T12 lamps with T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps prevents unnecessary energy consumption, reduce maintenance expense and reduce the amount of waste.

Quality of Light

New fluorescent commercial lighting produces a nice, comfortable light that is glare free. They provide brighter more natural light output than traditional T12 fluorescents from the 70’s and have a much higher CRI.

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