More Laundries Being Proactive to Curb Dangerous Situations

by Matt Poe on July 13,  2017 in the trade journal “American Laundry News

aire-scrubbersCHICAGO — Michael Reilly, president of Clean Cycle Systems in Seguin, Texas, got into the laundry and linen service industry about 30 years ago.

Reilly’s company manufactures lint collection and exhaust air systems for all types of laundries. Back then, he called on many laundry plants, and he didn’t see a lot in the way of dust and lint control.

“They would have lint collectors or lint filters on large dryers, big industrial commercial dryers,” he says. “That was common, but that would be the extent of it.”

Secondary lint collectors and fans to optimize airflow weren’t normal features. And smaller on-premises laundries (OPL) didn’t have systems in place to deal with lint.

The result? Dust and lint buildup in and on equipment, and up in the ceiling and rafters  … continue to full article