New SonicAire Hazardous Dust Fan


The all new SA XD2 is designed for hazardous locations including Class II, Division 2 environments.

For years SonicAire has designed fans specifically for Class I, Division 1 environments as well as others, but now there’s even more that we have to offer as a distributor. Many of our clients use the previously engineered fans already and are looking forward to seeing how this new fan will improve the continuous clean that they have come to know and love. We also offer turnkey solutions for those who would like us to take care of installation from start to finish.

All of our customers know the risk of having dust in hazardous environments and even more so the dangers of ever having combustible dust present. We treat every situation with the utmost caution and understanding as necessary to keep everyone safe, compliant and worry free.


  • UL approved for U.S. and Canada.
  • Voltage – 230,460, 575, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
  • Motor – 2 HP TEAO Fan
  • Weight – 200 Ibs. / 90 kg
  • Sound Level – at 20′ 83 dbA
  • Oscillation – 100° vertical cleaning radius
  • Rotation – 360°

Types of Dust Handling

  • Heavy
  • Dry
  • Moist
  • Fibrous

Several industries will be positively affected by the introduction of this new SonicAire hazardous dust fan. A few of the industries that we know are interested already include Food & Grain, Wood Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, 3D Printing and Aerospace. It’s our pleasure to bring you and fellow Safety professionals well-known solutions for energy efficiency, NFPA compliance, OSHA compliance, workplace functionality and peace of mind.

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