Fugitive Combustible Dust Solutions

Big savings with little or no money down

We provide solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Our custom solutions, featuring SonicAire fans and Nilfisk vacuums, are designed to eliminate silica dust and fugitive combustible dust in your facility. We work on-site with Plant Managers, Engineers, Safety Professionals and Business Owners on-the-job to dramatically reduce operating expenses and improve facility appearance, workplace safety and functionality. Say goodbye to the headaches over compliance when it comes to keeping your facility clean and safe.

Our goal is to achieve “Conservation Without Compromise” in every project. Every solution we offer provides a compelling ROI with little or no out-of-pocket expense. Our proposals are detailed, straightforward and outline the numbers and results you can expect from us.

It’s easy to start the process with us; simply request an audit.

As Safety Managers, Engineers, Business Owners and Plant Managers, you know the challenges that come with material handling and housekeeping. There are many industries that have to consider NFPA compliance as well as the basic housekeeping issues. Combustible dust compliance is generally required in Food and Grain Manufacturing, Wood Manufacturing, Paper production and various textile industries.

Grain Manufacturing produces a ton of dust by cleaning and reducing kernels in size. Wood Manufacturing generates significant amounts of saw dust from chopping, cutting, trimming and smoothing lumber. Paper Manufacturing creates dust throughout the forming, pressing, drying, cutting and packaging processes.

In fact, almost every manufacturing process includes one or more dust-creating step before it’s through.

You are the expert on your facility processes and we are the expert that will help you keep it clean, functional and safe. We deliver and provide turnkey operations.

Achieve Workplace Safety While You Save Energy With Our LED Lighting

The lighting that we have is top notch. Orion and MaxLite are only a few of the brands that we have in our line card. High bays and retrofits are what we primarily install. Industrial and commercial laundry and linen services, schools, expo centers and many varying manufacturing plants are just some of the types of facilities we have installed LED lighting for. If you haven’t experienced LED lights before, then you’re missing out and losing money.

LED lights lower energy consumption significantly over that of fluorescent lighting. You won’t believe your eyes or your ROI once you have your lighting upgraded to LED. Fluorescents also generate significant amounts of heat and this can create serious safety issues. When dust settles on light fixtures, especially ones that generate a significant amount of heat, it poses a very the risk for a dangerous explosion goes up significantly and even more so when fugitive combustible dust is present. LED’s last 10 TIMES longer than any other kind of lighting and eliminate a significant heat source for combustible dust explosions to occur.

To top it off, energy suppliers will pay you incentives for us to install LED lighting in your facility. We work to find and connect you with the energy suppliers that could offer you incentives. There’s no reason to buy anything other than LED lighting ever again.

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Incentive Rates

We can help determine whether you would qualify for any number of available incentive rates.

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Together We are Making a Difference

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