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Human Factors in the Workplace

The lighting in your workplace should enable employees to comfortably see what they need to in order to perform their tasks. Poor lighting can lead to visual strain and discomfort causing fatigue, headaches and neck and back pain. This ultimately leads to more fatigue related accidents and reduced employee productivity.

Insufficient lighting also creates a dreary environment. Poorly lit areas increase the possibility that a hazard or obstruction will not be seen in time to prevent an accident.

Proper lighting, on the other hand creates a pleasant atmosphere and gives workers a sense of well-being. This improves their productivity and efficiency.

Human Factors in the Retail Environment

Retail stores present unique lighting challenges but the results from effective lighting can be dramatic. The lighting you use in your store can have a major effect on the shopping experience. ESOT has the experience to develop a showroom lighting design that will deliver the proper light level and color rendering.


One statistic we like to repeat is that our products and solutions pay for themselves in the savings they provide. And while we think there’s no reason any company wouldn’t want to start saving money on energy, at no cost to them, there is a growing list of incentives and rebates that makes the equation even more appealing.

Incentive programs available to commercial customers in the Oncor, and TNMP (Texas-New Mexico Power) service areas:

  • Free, no-obligation facility audit
  • Estimates of energy savings, project costs, and ROI provided
  • Up to 80% of the project cost paid thru incentives
  • Funds are limited and T12 incentive programs expire in 2014

Map of Oncor service area.
Oncor Rebate Information (PDF)Oncor_Customer_trifold_FINAL

TNMP (Texas-New Mexico Power) Service Area Includes:

  • The Gulf Coast cities of Angleton, Brazoria, West Columbia, Sweeny, Alvin, Friendswood, Dickinson, League City, La Marque and Texas City.
  • The northern and central cities of Detroit, Bogata, Emory, Whitewright, Leonard, Farmersville, Pilot Point, Princeton, Lewisville, Nocona, Petrolia, Olney, Bryson, Strawn, Glen Rose, Hico, Hamilton, Meridian, Clifton, Whitney, Valley Mills and Gatesville.
  • The western cities of Kermit, Pecos, Fort Stockton and Sanderson.

TNMP Rebate Information (PDF)

Incentives from your Electricity Distribution Utility

Electricity generation and distribution utilities are increasingly challenged in keeping up with the peak electricity demand requirements. One way to meet the challenge is to build more generation capacity and add poles and lines; an expensive undertaking. Another way is to offer customers financial incentives to lower peak demand through energy efficient measures. ESOT works with these utilities throughout the country to acquire and manage the incentive process for our customers. Call us; find out what is available for you.

Energy Savings

Energy Solutions of Texas will work with you to create a plan that fits your company’s future. Whether you’re building or retro-fitting, the lighting solutions we provide will pay for themselves with the savings from your utility bill and maintenance costs.

So don’t ask yourself why, ask yourself why not. Remember, you are paying for the new solution whether you perform the project or not.

The True Cost of Lighting

Over the life of a fixture, the cost of equipment becomes almost irrelevant when compared to routine maintenance and cost of electricity. ESoT works with each customer to deliver this “real value” for every project. And, as always “Conservation Without Compromise”!


The Environment

A Little Bit About the Planet That We All Live On.

The adverse effects of current levels of electricity use on the environment are staggering. Recent statistics from the U.S. DOE’s Energy Information Administration reveal that 2.5 billion tons of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), and carbon dioxide (CO2), are emitted every year as a byproduct of electricity generation by utility companies. Over time, it is believed that emissions have waged profound negative effects on the environment, contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer and increased levels of acid rain and cardiac and respiratory ailments.

Each and every energy efficiency project implemented makes great strides toward offsetting these adverse effects and reducing the ecological footprint. The ESOT proposals that we prepare with their documented energy savings, also recognizes the positive environmental result of replacing outdated lighting technology. This environmental data helps raise awareness of this important (but often overlooked) benefit of an energy efficiency project.

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